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Helpful Facts

Massage Care Questions

What types of health insurance do you accept?

Currently we receive referrals from a few programs that act as an insurance to cover massage: Hospice of the Redwoods, Redwood Coast PACE and the HSRC MSSP program. 

How many treatments are typically needed?

Massage for pain management 

High discomfort/pain levels frequency recommendation is 2x a week until pain levels reduce to a 3 or 4 average 

For conditions that flare up regularly and/or limit mobility 1x week is recommended

Low pain levels with arthritis and/or tension management recommendation is every two weeks

For comfort and relaxation we recommended 1x a month

Most clients wish to continue massage for maintenance and self care as they improve and adjust the frequency for their needs.

What age groups do you accept?

We are most experienced working with adults ages 18 to 101 years old. Our staff has customized treating persons ages 55 and over with major health conditions that increase the need for pain management and relaxation. 

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