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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Your Humboldt Massage Team

Our massage therapists are happy to meet you and see if they are a good fit, at any time we are happy to have another therapist if your needs change.


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Here is one of our most recent 5 star reviews.

Massage Therapist


Many of our clients speak highly of Rachael's support in their journey with pain. She is a good listener and her goal is to bring clients' level of pain down while cheering them up.  She can provide an intuitive and gentle touch but can also help with areas of tension. 


Massage Therapist


Enjoy a massage with Patrick.  He has been with us for 4 years and has worked with many health conditions and is cherished by all his clients. He provides a firmer massage for those needing more pressure. He's available most weekday mornings until noon or Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.  Sunday appointments are available until 5pm.

Massage Therapist


It is so wonderful to have a therapist on our team with 35 years of experience and trained in  reflexology, myofascial release, myopathic massage, shiatsu, and trigger point. 

Massage Therapist


Perfect for clients who enjoy a very gentle therapeutic massage from an experienced massage therapist in their position of comfort. Janet has 30 years of experience in massage therapy including 10 years working with Humboldt Mobile Massage and at a hospital-based Women's Health Center in the bay area. At this time Janet is not bringing a massage table to her clients.

Image by Simon Hurry

Nicole is serving clients from Fort Bragg, CA to Point Arena, CA that are home-bound and in dire need of massage therapy for pain management or chronic health conditions that limit their mobility and quality of life. 

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