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Teams of 400+ Employee's
Employee chair massage
"We make it easy to take care of your team"

We are so happy to have developed organized and tested systems to provide a smooth and easy employee chair massage program or event for large employer's. United Indian Health and Open Door have given us a wonderful opportunity to grow and meet the needs of larger organization's in our community. 


             Business operation's are stressful enough and adding a new benefit or event can be overwhelming.

  • We can take most of the administrative burden off of your staff with our tech savvy systems for employee's to book and manage their appointments.

  • We have an administrative team that handle's Schedule Coordination with department/site coordinators, poster design with QR Code for booking, Email Template to share with staff, Unique Website page for staff to book appointments, digital liability forms, rescheduling, cancellations, billing/reports/ benefit use tracking, and schedule snapshots for supervisors for managing coverage on massage days.

 We are happy to say that our large employer clients have shared wonderful feedback and increased employee satisfaction, as many staff members report great appreciation for their employer sharing, this was their first massage in their life or they are unable to access massage due to work or other obligations.

"Humboldt Mobile Massage has been providing massage..since 2010... MSSP has had a great working relationship with Nicole Patton over the years and I think that
you’ll have a positive experience working with her and Humboldt Mobile Massage."  Claudia Padilla, MSSP Humboldt Senior Resource Center

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