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 Focus Comfort Massage

Design your massage

Wear comfortable clothes

Sit or lay in your place of comfort

Choose what areas you would like massaged

Many clients enjoy their neck and shoulders or feet and calves. It's your choice. 

 It is amazing how many benefits and how wonderful it still feels without dressing down and climbing on a table. 

Senior Patient

Regular visits for massage can bring hope to our homebound or aging loved one's... 
Many of our client's say they feel relief and motivation knowing they have a massage to look forward to...

Relief from Chronic Pain

Decrease in pain medication's

Increase in mobility 

Wherever they are from Rio Dell to Trinidad, CA

In Home, Assisted Living, and Senior Housing

Focus Comfort Massage (No Table)

30 min (Intro only) $60 

  60 min $90 

Therapeutic In-Home Table Massage

  60 min $110   90 min $140

Therapeutic In-Studio  Table Massage (stairs)

  60 min $90   90 min $130

Check out our team to see if you think anyone would be a good fit for your loved one.  

Interested in regular massage?

How do we start?

An initial introduction visit is usually best this is 60 minutes 

Short Explanation

Meet and greet to get to know the therapist and see where the best location for the massage will be and we can do a massage, this time depends on comfort level. Some new clients like to just have a hand massage if they are new to massage. 

More Elaborate

Let's see if your loved one is comfortable with the massage therapist we select

 We learn about the best place to do the massage in their location

We ask about health conditions and pain levels

We get to know them a little and learn a few things they love or loved

 and with their okay we give an intro massage, starting with the hands or feet to introduce therapeutic touch.

What do we need from you?

Fill out the inquiry below

We offer secure invoicing for your convenience

or you can send a check in the mail to 600 F St Se 3 #700 Arcata CA  95521

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Ready to treat your loved one
Let's get started

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